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5 New Dog Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

2021 is full of new trends for humans in their looks and styles. Dog clothes and supplies are also in the centre of ever-changing styles. Nowadays, dog owners are very interested and keen to explore new ways of dressing their dogs by trying out unconventional styles. Food and animal prints are becoming new trends these days. Let’s explore the types of clothes and supplies that are affected by the trends. 


Ties have always added that lovely look on suit styles. Suit accessories have always been interesting for dog owners, especially in the times they need to take their dogs to some special events. Sassy and vibrant looks reinforce styles of new prints and colors for ties that you will easily find at Ollypet.


Costumes have always been a top priority for dog owners. Cartoon or favorite movie characters would attract dog owners with their costumes and become a new idea for dressing their dogs. Some prefer hilarious costumes with the funniest hats and coats, some like original classic styles according to the type of the costume. In general, 2021 loves characters and their costumes, and they are nicely turned into sets of clothes for your dogs if you give them a try.


Even though dog boots and shoes don’t get a lot of attention, they are still cute and fashionable, when nicely matched with the outfits. 2021 offers various types of swaggy sneakers and classic style shoes for your dog to look so stylish!

Collars, Leashes

Collars and leashes are essential parts of dogs’ everyday life. Whenever you take your dog outside for a walk, collars are visible to the public. Dog owners prefer new styles of collars and leashes that have different prints on them in a groovy style. Those include prints of food, animals, etc. New elegant styles are also in the center of dog owners’ interests. Ollypet’s collars and leashes will give you a sense of 2021 styles and trends and will help you quickly choose the style you like.

Dog Pajamas

Pajamas have become very trendy and common among dong owners. Some even prefer pajamas that have interesting prints of words on them such as “I love sleeping”, “Good Night”, etc. Cute patterns or bathrobe-style pajamas will never hurt, so get one for your dog, especially if you are a dog influencer. We bet your dog will look fancy.