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How to Choose a Dog Jacket?

Like anything in this world, weather is also unpredictable. It gets too hot instantly and can turn into a horrific thunderstorm in one blink of an eye. The most important thing is to make sure your dog never feels too cold when the temperature is very low. Jackets come to provide quick help with covering their body. But what kind of jackets are both common and stylish these days and what exactly should you be looking into, when thinking of buying a new jacket for your pooch. Let’s take a look at a few options that have been preferred and recommended by experienced and stylish dog owners. 

How to choose a dog coat ?

  • Breed

  • Small breeds get cold quicker than big ones due to their small sizes. Even if they might have thick hair, they will still need a jacket or a coat for small statures. Examples of such dogs are Chihuahuas and Toy Poodles.

  • Dog Hair 

  • Short-haired dogs don’t have the same insulation quality to their coats. Examples of short-haired dogs are Great Danes, Weimaraners.

  • Heat

  • There are a few types of dogs that love the heat - Havanese, Beagles, etc. If your dog’s breed is native to a very hot country, they will definitely need a coat for cold weather. 

  • Body Fat

  • Even if some dogs may seem big, they may also have low body fat, which makes them vulnerable to cold weather. For example, greyhounds and Salukis are very skinny dogs, so if your dog under the categories of such, you can buy a jacket for them to stay warm and cover their bodies with layers.

  • Tolerance levels for the cold

  • Just like humans, dogs have individual tolerance levels for cold. You shouldn’t be judging them or making assumptions based on what breed they are. Instead, you should pay attention to their behavioral patterns to determine whether coats are necessary. 

  • Dog Legs

  • If your dog has short legs, its tummy is close to the ground, therefore, they might feel the cold easily. In that case, your dog will definitely need to cover up with a jacket.

  • Location

  • If you have been living in a place where the temperature is very high, your dog won’t be reacting well to cold weather. To make sure they don’t freeze, you can buy a jacket and carry it indoors during winter or unexpected cold.

    What to look for when buying a coat for your dog?

    There are various types and styles of coats or jackets that help your pooch enjoy winter activities outdoors. Fleece dog coats are one option you can consider for dogs that have shorter hair on their breeds and sensitive dispositions. Fleece coats are perfect for older and less active dogs who naturally generate less body heat. 

    Other types of jackets include safety jackets that will give your dog more improved and developed visibility in low-light scenarios. Those mainly come with waterproof effects and are comfortable during snowy days in harsh conditions.

    How should a dog coat fit?

    It is crucial that the jacket fits your dog perfectly and doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort. Ask your dog to stand and take these measurements:

    • Length: The entire length of his back
    • Girth: The wildest part of his chest
    • Neck: Around the part where his collar circles around.

    There are some dogs that need to wear jackets when the temperature is -5 degrees Celsius in the place they are in. Some of those dogs are:

    • Corgi
    • Welsh
    • Standard Poodle
    • Labrador
    • Australian Cattle Dog
    • Pug

    Final Word

    So now that you are familiar with the trendy and stylish jackets dog owners recommend, it is easy for you to make a good and high-quality choice. Raincoats nicely replace jackets for rainy weather and Ollypet’s beautiful collections can warm up your puppy’s body for cozy and cold times.