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12 Gorgeous Gifts for New Puppy Owners

Owning a puppy is a very fun and exciting thing. It is truly rewarding to take care of the dog. However, there are so many things that dog owners need to buy and purchase. If you are a friend, relative, or acquaintance of a dog owner, we have created a list of gifts for new puppy owners. Take a look at them and choose among the best gift ideas for pet owners.

1. Fun Pet Toys

Dog owners usually buy a lot of toys to keep their dogs busy and entertained. We are certain that they would love some toys to be gifted with. If you want to buy a dog toy, Ollypet has a variety of them you can choose from.

last minute gifts for dog lovers

2. Collars or Leashes for the Puppy

If you know how important collars and leashes are for dog owners, then you know how much they will love to receive those gifts. Well, we can help you find some good ones at Ollypet.

3. Velvet Dog Bowties

Velvet is a luxurious material. Imagine bowties in velvet! - your friend will feel so special about that. Get a red or black velvet bowtie for the dog they own and add a bit of spice to the dog’s look. Want to see what they look like and where to buy them from? Check Ollypet’s bowties.

4. Personalized Bowls

If you are looking for a cute gift idea, customized bowls for dogs are the right destination for you. Order a beautiful bowl with the dog’s name on it and your friend will love it.

5. Fluffy Blankets

One of the most adorable and cute options of gifts is those fluffy and soft blankets that you can get as a gift. Dogs love blankets and they feel secure and protected under a very soft blanket. Choose a nice color for the blanket and purchase it for your friend’s dog.

6. Dog Treats

Who doesn’t like treats? Dogs also do! Your friend and his/her dog will be thrilled to receive a box of treats for the dogs. So how about that?

7. Training Guides

Puppy owners train their dogs from Day 1 they own their pets. They will truly love training books or guides to get professional in their training process and train correctly. There are many training guides available with detailed explanations on how to properly train pets. Get one as a gift for your friend and help them out.

8. Growth Journal

Dogs grow very fast and sometimes the parents miss out on the best moments or simply forget about them. We bet your friend would really appreciate a growth journal as a gift. They can note some of the best moments of puppyhood in the journal and make it special for themselves.

9. Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are always fun and surprising. Even if the box does include just a few stuff, it will make your pet owner friend too excited. 

10. Grooming Kit

Imagine a fancy gift like a grooming kit for your friend! How lovely! Get one and they will fancily use the kit.

11. Special Pet Sets

Various types of sets of clothes and toys, including other items would perfectly match your best gift ideas for your pet owner friend. Sets are vibrant, fun, and enjoyable. If you are looking for some set options, Ollypet’s sets are the go-to in this case. 

12. Coats or Dresses

Dogs always look cute in dresses, shirts, and other clothes. Who are you waiting for? Ask for the size of the dog, check some of the most fashionable clothes at Ollypet, and place your order.

Dresses Gifts for New Puppy Parents

Now that you know what to buy for a dog parent, you have unlocked the way to make them happy and grateful. Purchase some of the items on the list from our available collections at Ollypet.

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