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Dog Toys: All you need to know

Dog toys play a significant role in the proper development process of a dog. Chewing is an inseparable part of a dog’s behavior. Using the right toys will boost your dog’s natural habits. Therefore right-chosen toys are beneficial for dogs of all kinds of breeds. 

You may wonder how to understand a dog’s preference for toys? Well, it mainly depends on the overall playing style of a dog. Be attentive while offering a toy to your dog if he acts aggressively as there is much risk of swallowing the toy. In fact, interactive dog toys improve the pet’s ability to concentrate. If your dog does not seem to like the toy you’ve bought for him try to show something else and save it for later use. 

To better understand what the best dog toys are you must consider a number of features. Everything can make sense: the material of the toy, its shape and style, the dog’s breed, and so on.

Let’s jump to the main points that make the journey advantageous. In this blog, we will discover the whole picture that’s behind the process of choosing a good dog toy. 

How to choose the best toy for your dog?

The environment where your dog spends his playtime is important when choosing a toy. You need to look for the most comfortable option. If there’s too much grass in the yard buying a green toy may not be the best decision as it can easily disappear nearby and make your dog nervous. 

Take the toy size into consideration as small ones can easily be swallowed and therefore damage your dog. Also, check the toy label to make sure it is safe.

So many types of dog toys exist so choosing the best one may feel a bit difficult at times. Balls, discs, plush toys, squeakers, ropes, dog puzzles appear to be the most common ones. Each of them has a unique function. Examine them deeply before buying one for your dog. 

Where to find the best dog toys?

If you care about your dog you should pay special attention to the shop you buy toys from. Searching for a dog toys shop on Amazon may not be enough. Have a look at the customer reviews, ratings as they can tell a lot about the quality of both the shop service and products. You can find suitable versions on the OllyPet shop. Why not give a try to our foldable pool balls or dog teething toys? They may turn into your puppy’s most beloved items. 

Not all online shops have all kinds of dog toys for sale. Here we have highlighted 5 online shops where you can easily find what you’re looking for:

Make sure the toy is safe

Even if you’ve trained your dog well they can still act unpredictably. The safety of a dog toy is of high importance. Choose toys that are solid and hard to be broken into pieces. 

Toys with bells can be dangerous as there is a risk that your dog can swallow the bell.  Plush or thick fabric toys are also safe and recommended. And finally, adapt the toy size to your dog’s mouth size to prevent any injuries or throat obstruction. 

The most recommended types of dog toys

Toys make the relationship between a pet and its owner more solid. And they make an impact on the overall well being of a dog. While several types of dog toys are there on the market, here we have some of the most recommended ones for you to consider as the next gift for your puppy. 

If you’re busy with some stuff try to keep your pet far from boredom with dog puzzle toys. They boost the natural curiosity of dogs and appear to be a great activity for them when they are alone. 

Dogs have an instinct to chew and if you want to protect your dog’s mouth from bacterias try offering them dog chew toys

For oral hygiene, you can also try dog teething toys. These kinds of toys can also improve the breathing of your puppy. 

Benefits of dog toys

Remember that dog toys are not only for entertainment but also for behavioral development. Toys provide mental stimulation for dogs as well as enrich their skills and help them learn new things. 

Does your pet look stressed? Offer him toys and he will calm down. Toys are great relaxation for pets. Also, they help strengthen the relationship between the owner and the dog.

How often to change dog toys?

The overall hygiene of your dog strongly depends on how you maintain his toys. A lot of dog toys can be cleaned with water and disinfectant liquids. But once the toy is ripped you’d better get rid of it as it can easily become a source for infections, dirt, and dust. 

A poll among dog owners has shown different results on how often dog toys must be changed:

  • 25% of voters tend to change their dog toys once or twice a year
  • 42.86% of voters change the toys once a month
  • Another 25% of voters believe dog toys must be changed more than once a month 

Games to play with dog toys

Not all toys are created to be used by pets only. Some of them are designed to be played by two. 

The most traditional version is playing with the dog with a ball. Simply throw the ball and wait for the pet to go bring it back. 

Another game to play with your dog is frisbee which develops the pet’s chasing ability. You can use a soft disc instead of a plastic one to avoid damaging your dog’s face.

Tug of war is also great entertainment for dogs as it helps them practice their manners.

Make sure the toy is safe

Of course, toys are great entertainment for dogs but they can also make a negative influence on pets. If you’re about to buy the next toy for your puppy consider its safety as a priority. 

Look for indestructible dog toys and watch their edges as they can easily become sharp. 

Avoid soft toys as they can easily be swallowed. The same refers to toys with bells. 

Once you notice a damaged or broken point on the toy, throw it away. This makes the toy unsafe and can turn into a source of infection. 

Why do dogs need toys?

Dogs are born with a chewing instinct. Therefore they need something to fulfill their needs from time to time. And that’s when toys come to help them. There’s nothing better as a mental stimulator for your dog than toys. Dogs are easily occupied with toys when they are left alone and their owners lack free time to spend with them.

Also, toys help dogs to relax.If you’re having guests tonight and are not sure what to do with your puppy give him toys! Remember to change the toys from time to time. Dogs also get bored with the same items as people. 

Taking care of your dog's toys

Even if you think you’ve bought the best toys for your dog it does not mean you can just leave them outside in the grass and never pay attention. It’s important to often clean and wash dog toys to prevent any kind of infection. 

If your puppy already has a lot of them you’d better get a dog toy box to keep them away from dust. 

Be sure to choose cleaning products that are safe for your dog and won’t leave any negative consequences. Avoid strong chemicals as they go into your pet’s mouth and can be harmful to his health. 

Also, remember to keep the toys dry after washing. Leaving the wet can lead to bacterial multiplication.

Both outdoor and indoor toys need to be taken care of equally. Not all the toys can be put into a washing machine: some need to be washed by hand. Distinguish these kinds of toys to avoid making mistakes.

Choosing toys for puppies

Consider your dog’s current size when choosing a toy for him. A toy should not be too small or too big as both can be dangerous. Small ones can easily be swallowed and big ones can be hard to carry. 

As puppies are our little friends we must take their comfort into consideration. If your dog is full of energy look for active toys for him. Your puppy may like to run after a ball or a plate so why not satisfy him? 

Toys with sharp metal parts are not the best choice for your puppy. They can harm his mouth or face. And don’t forget about their lovely chewing toys!

Best toys for big dogs

Big dogs big problems? Not at all! Big dogs prefer big toys- relevant to their sizes, easy to rip apart and chew. 

Below you can find some toys that are considered to be the best for big dogs according to pet owners:

  • Classic KONG Dog Toy
  • Kick Fetch Toy Ball
  • Tuffy Mega Ring Dog Toy
  • Jumbo Tennis Ball
  • Durable Rope Toys
  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Jack Dog Toy

The connection between dog breed and toys 

Does a dog's breed really matter when choosing a toy for him? Of course, it does. Dogs of different breeds have different characteristic features, activity level and interests as well as sizes. 

The toy you choose for your dog highly depends on his overall character. If your dog is a bit nervous, chewing toys can be a good solution. If your dog is active and energetic try an engaging toy that will make him run and jump. 

Toys for each season 

As there are outdoor and indoor toys for dogs you can classify them depending on the season. 

For example, water toys are great for summertime as you may spend a lot of time with your puppy in the pool! Not only in summer but also in spring and warm autumn days your dog will definitely enjoy any outdoor toy. 

Interactive dog toys are much preferable for wintertime. Most of them are indoor toys so that your dog can be entertained easily near the fireplace when it’s snowing outside. 

Calming down dogs with the help of toys 

Is your dog anxious and nervous? Try to divert his attention by offering some toys. Toys help calm pets’ brains down and boost their ability to concentrate. While you can choose various kinds of toys to find out the best one for your puppy here are 5 dog toys that are considered as the best solutions to calm them down:

  • The Project Play Comfort Cuddler
  • Kong Classic Dog Toy
  • PetSafe Busy Buddy Calming Toys
  • Ethical Pet Seek-a-Treat Shuffle Bone Puzzle Dog Toy
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

Understanding the right toy for your dog 

First of all, you must understand your dog well to be able to choose the right toy for him. Chase his daily activity to find out what he likes the most and what does not. Give a try to new kinds of toys and see if your dog enjoys them. Leave them alone with certain toys and follow their reaction: does your dog pay attention to those toys?

Whatever toy you’re about to choose, always consider the basic natural instincts of a dog. As for this the best options appear to be chewing, treat, or plush toys. 

Now when you see why dog toys are important you may start thinking about getting one for your little friend. With its wide range of dog products and toys, Ollypet offers you the best options available in the market. Check our items and get the most out of them for your puppy!

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