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Dog Toys and How to Use Them

It is not always easy to keep your dog entertained and busy. Dogs eventually get tired and stressed, when there is less constant attention towards them. Dog toys come to help you in this case to solve the issue of boredom. Let’s learn about dog toys, their types, and how to use them to support your dog, make him active and healthy.

Dog Toy Types

  • Interactive and engaging toys

  • Some toys require a lot of engagement and participation. For example, Frisbees, flying disks, or balls  make the dog chase them and give them back to you, which allows both the dog owner and the dog to equally engage and stay active during the game.

    "The secret of my health is playing frisbee with Ruby. It's both funny and beneficial and I don't even know who needs and likes it more: me or Ruby".
    William Bach, 56 y.o., the owner of Ruby

  • Comfortable and cozy toys

  • Soft and fluffy toys are very comfortable and appropriate for some dogs. However, not all dogs will need soft toys, especially in the case of those who love eating or killing the toy instantly. Moreover, there are some toys that are generally considered soft and comfortable and are made of old items, such as old shirts, pillows, etc. that also smell like their owner. 

    "My pup misses me when I go to work, so I've created a bear toy out of my old t-shirt. Lola smells it whenever I'm not with her and she doesn't feel lonely. I secretly spray my perfume on it every week."
    Annie, 32 y. o., the owner of Lola

  • Distractive and deviating toys

  • Some toys are a perfect fit for owners who want to keep their dogs busy. For example, food delivery toys offer a chance for the dog to manipulate the toy to reach the food. Furthermore, chewy toys, such as Kong, are distracting and entertaining as well as pleasant for the dog. Food puzzle toys are good to stimulate mental activities inside a dog’s brain by letting him or her solve the puzzle to get food or toy. Examples of such toys are Kygen, Nina Ottoson, etc.


    How to get the best out of dog toys

    • Be flexible with toys - Choose and generally purchase a few so that they can be used for various purposes. One can be used for games, one to kill, one to carry, etc. Different types of toys will make sure the dog practices a variety of activities and has toys assigned to each type.
    • Start rotating and changing the toys weekly. Make a few available for one week, then bring the rest in exchange for the next week. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t get bored and misses the toys over time. However, if your dog loves one particular toy, you can always keep it accessible for him. 
    • Another fun game to play with your dog through integrating toys is ‘Hide and Seek”. You will need to hide treats or toys around the house and command the dog to find them. It is exciting and surprising to find new things, but it is also very effective to play the game when you can’t go outside on a snowy or rainy day. Stay in your cozy house and interact with your dog.

    Tug of War

    Tug of War is a very fun and entertaining game to play with dogs. It has been rejected and denied by a lot of dog owners lately because it requires proper safety control. However, it will be fruitful and effective, if the right precautionary measures are considered and taken. Before playing the game, you need to set some basic rules and reinforce them to your dog during it. How to prepare for the game?


    Dog Toys : How to Use Them
    • First of all, choose one specific toy you’ll be using for this particular game exclusively. Save the toy for Tug of War reasons and don’t allow your puppy to touch or damage it outside the game.
    • Now, decide on a few commands that your dog will be controlled by during the game. Start off the game with a command such as “Let’s tug”. Don’t let your dog start tugging without you kickstarting the game. This is done to make sure your dog gets properly trained and listens to you. Then start playing it!
    • Use commands such as “Give”, “Out” to end the game. You need to teach your pooch to release the toy by exchanging it with another one or a treat. Wait for the dog to completely release the toy and then restart the game.

    Final Word

    As you are well aware of all the types of dog toys and you may want to try out some for your own dog, you can check Ollypet’s available dog toys which are trusted, flexible in sizes, and beautiful in design.

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