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The 25 Best Gifts for Dogs, Dog Owners, and Dog Lovers

Dogs are considered the best friends of humans. They deserve the best gifts that could be possibly found in the entire world. We bet you even have many dog owner and dog lover friends for who you would definitely want to buy gifts. We are here to give you 25 gift ideas that we found to be the best ones among hundreds. Take a look and pick your gift!

  • Vintage Colorful Dog Set

  • Vintage clothes are always stylish and cute, they never get old! How about a huge set with shirts, shoes, bandanas, dresses, etc. in a vintage style? Isn’t it perfect? Get one.

  • Halloween Costumes

  • Halloween Costumes are another special and fashionable gift idea for your dog owner friends or your own dog. How about your favorite character from a movie you watched the other day? Find their costumes, customize them and create one for your own dog.

  • Floral Print Shirts

  • Tropical weather, floral shirts, the see and the beach - Why don’t you dress your dog with floral print shirts according to the mood? Print shirts are pretty exciting and fashionable gifts you can ever buy for your dog, especially that you are planning to go on a vacation.

  • Bow Ties

  • If you and your dog are planning to go to a nice concert or attend a beautiful ceremony and your dog doesn’t have a nice accessory to wear with his costumes, you can definitely buy velvet bow ties that would give him a luxurious look. Have you seen the Red Velvet Bow Tie at Ollypet’s store? Check it out.

  • Customized Shirt
  • If you are still wondering what to buy for your dog for his birthday, go for a customized shirt. It is always a choice that is easy to go for.

  • T-Shirt

    Simple or even customized and brandy shirts are never enough. Get a shirt with a color you dog never had before and surprise them with new outfit ideas.Ollypet’s t-shirts offer perfect options.

  • Birthday Hat

  • If you are going to celebrate either your or your dog’s birthday, you can buy them a beautiful birthday hat and integrate them into the party.

  • Bracelets

  • Who doesn’t like accessories? Imagine a cute bracelet for your dog! Don’t you think you just found a perfect gift idea?

  • Birthday Sets

  • In case your dog’s birthday is coming up, you know what to do - Buy a nice birthday set that includes clothes, treats and toys in one box.

  • Dog Dress

  • Your cute little dog will enjoy a nice red or pink dress if they are comfortable wearing any. Ollypet’s dresses can give you the best options for dog clothes.

  • Dog Water Bottle

  • Dog Water Bottles are always nice to have. If you are searching for a gift idea, go for a water bottle. 

  • Food and Water Bowls

  • Dog owners love receiving cute bowls for their dog’s food and water. If you are still wondering what to gift a friend who w=owns a dog, just find a beautiful bowl with a good design.

  • Dog Treats
  • Dog treats vary from sweets, games to anything you can consider a treat. Do your homework, find the best type of treats your dog likes and purchase it as a gift.

  • Chewy Toys

  • It is noa new thing that dogs love chewing. There are toys specifically made for that reason. Get a chewy toy asa gift and give your dog an endless amount of joy and happiness.

  • Interactive toys

  • There are many types of dog toys but the interactive ones are the best and the most interesting choices. They include puzzles, toys in games, etc. Dogs love staying busy and having something to play with when they are alone at home.

  • Training Guides

  • Your dog owner friend will need training guides to make sure their dog is trained enough to behave well. Training guides will be useful for them and they will be forever grateful to you.

  • Dog Socks

  • A friend of yours who is a dog lover will definitely enjoy socks with dog prints. They will love the gift and remember you every time they wear the socks.

  • Teddy Dog Phone Case

  • If you have a friend who is fond of dogs, get them a nice fluffy dog phone case. 

  • Food Set Dog Toy

  • If you know how much dogs love to play with toys, then you know that food toys are their most favorite things. We are confident enough that this type of gift will get your dog too excited.

  • Dog Bandana

  • Dog bandanas are cute ideas for stylish dogs. Pay attention to the color and the prints of the bandana, and get the best one that you think would match his style.

  • Dog Booties

  • You can buy dog booties for your pooch for their birthday ceremony or on a general occasion. Dog booties are cute and suitable with nice costumes or coats. They are also perfect for snowy and rainy days when there is a need to protect your dog’s feet.

  • Dog Umbrella

  • Imagine rainy weather, a quick walk through the garden with your dog outside the building. Dogs would surely enjoy their own umbrellas, therefore, it will be perfect to buy a dog umbrella as a gift for your own dog or for a friend who has a dog.

  • Dog Bed

  • Dog Beds are amazing gifts to provide comfort for your own dog. Even if your dog has one that you previously bought for him, receiving a gift as such should be welcomed, as you can use two beds interchangeably.

  • Pet Carrier Hoodie

  • If you don’t know what to buy for your dog owner friend on their birthday, the best gift you would be able to buy is a pet carrier hoodie. It will be the best fit for those who have small puppies so that they can carry them in the pocket of the hoodie.

  • Dog DNA test

  • For a dog owner, buying a DNA test isn’t the best idea, however, for your dog owner friend, Dog DNA Tests are too exciting. The tests will find out the ancestral roots of the dog and provide ancestral information that would be special for your friend. 

    Whatever the gift is, it is all about excitement and dedication. Choose the best option from the aforementioned ones and overwhelm your dog or your dog owner/lover friend with joy and love.

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