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Are you thinking of owning a dog? Are you obsessed with puppies and are you actually planning to get one? Do you want to become a good dog owner? Here is your ultimate guide on how to find out if you should own a dog, what steps to take and how to take care of them. 

Signs that you actually need to adopt a dog for yourself and find your new best friend

  • You feel lonely or your house feels a bit empty. - It is actually possible that you are in a state of being where you need someone to fill your life and bring positivity to your home. In any case, if you are confident that you can ultimately become a good dog owner, a good solution to loneliness is owning a pet. 
  • You have love towards dogs and you can’t help it. - Trust us, being obsessed and passionate for dogs, not being able to ignore cute puppies outside or never stopping that habit of checking YouTube videos of cute puppies is totally VALID! Trust your gut feelings and get your dog. You will definitely be a good dog owner, if you properly express your love towards them.
  • You are daydreaming about dogs and you have already planned scenarios in your head about having a dog. - It is time to bring your dreams into reality. Dreaming is amazing and it gives some positive vibes, however, you have that power to implement them, to find your dream dog and become a home for him or her.

Congrats on your first steps of identifying whether you need a dog or not. But let’s stop for a bit and together discuss why exactly we don’t take steps towards getting puppies. What are the reasons behind it, what’s stopping us. Eventually, overcoming those thoughts can help us clear our minds.

Things that stop us from getting puppies for ourselves

  • Commitment issues - Some of us have commitment issues because we feel very busy working on our current job, taking care of our family members and friends. Dogs seem too much and we aren’t sure if we will commit enough to make them feel cared for and noticed.
  • Time and space - Time and space are very important when it comes to owning a dog. If we don’t learn about the right ways of taking care of a dog, if we aren’t ready to spend a lot of time with them, then time can be a tricky factor. Moreover, we need to make sure that there is enough space for dogs to find their home. 
  • Money - Money becomes an issue if we aren’t ready to get materials, needed stuff or cover the vet bills for our dogs. However, proper budgeting can save us in this case.
  • Conditions - If there are certain life events, preferences, fears, etc., they can also affect our choices of not getting our dream dogs. They should be tackled, indeed.

  • These are the factors that hinder us from getting a puppy, but they can be solved if we are aware of the positive sides of owning a pet in our houses. Are you ready to unlock the reasons why you should get a dog? Let’s do it!

    Why get a dog?

  • Dogs provide emotional support to their dog owners. - Have you seen how dogs cuddle their owners, kiss on their foreheads, and even cry when their owners are in need of emotional support? It is absolutely true that dogs are good companions to humans. They do really feel the emotions of their owners and try to help them turn back to normal in any possible way. Furthermore, trained dogs know how to help you through practicing the patterns they have been experiencing at home.
  • Dogs don’t judge. - Do you need someone to listen to you when you vent and express yourself, but someone who will never judge you for whatever you have done? Dogs are the right beings. Talk to them endlessly, they’ll always listen and listen without judging.
  • They make you laugh and enjoy the moment. - Dogs are really able to make you laugh with their funny dances and cuddles. You’ll smile, enjoy the moment and move on.
  • They are always with you in the house. - If you ever feel lonely, your dog is always at home waiting to have fun with you. They never disappoint you.
  • Dogs help you relieve your stress. - Walking your dog outside, playing with them, cuddling, touching them, and exercising with them can relieve your stress and help you overcome your anxiety. Just make sure to establish a good relationship with them.
  • Dogs boost your mood. - If you are back home after a conflict at your office or with your partner, dogs know how to change your mood. They will start jumping, dancing around you, making you laugh, and move on!

  • Now you have unlocked the reasons for your next actions! What’s coming next? Let’s get the bread. Let’s discover what’s the best time to get your puppy in the house.

    What is the best time of the year to get a dog?

     It is actually very important to find the right time to get a new dog. Taking a look at winter, is it packed with Christmas events and busyness? If so, then you may also find fireworks and other exciting events too scary for a new dog to be welcomed in the house. Dog owners suggest having a clear schedule of your busyness to see if you are able to welcome them and provide an initial introduction. Summers are the best, when it comes to welcoming a dog. They feel the warmth, the ease and love from you in accordance with a light schedule, hot weather and fun. We suggest writing down your responsibilities and finding a time that matches to your less busy days to welcome a dog to the house.

    But, well, how are you going to choose a puppy? Would you like some questions to be guided by? We will provide them, keep reading!

    Questions to ask yourself before getting a dog

  • Are you ready to give full attention and love to the dog? - Remember, they will be asking for love and care, you can’t ignore them.
  • If you are away, who will take care of your dog? - If you are away or on a vacation, who is going to take care of them? Choose the person beforehand.
  • Will future events in your life affect your dog, too? - Will marriage, travels, changes in job affect your dog? If yes, how are you going to fix that?

  • After you ask yourself these questions, you can move on to getting your dog!!!!! We are excited for you. Let us provide you some information on how and where to get a dog.

    Steps on how to get a dog

  • Find a dog or puppy. - Start by wandering around to find the best puppy for yourself. You can get puppies from a shelter, online, randomly from outside ( make sure to get them through medical check-up) or from someone you know. Start your gut feelings and go for the one that instantly makes you feel happy and loved.
  • Get to know the chosen dog. - Ask the owner or the seller to let you get to know the dog. Familiarize yourself with the dog to match your energy with his or hers. 
  • Arrange a home visit. - Arrange an initial visit to the house for the dog. Let that be a time where the dog experiments to see if it is the right place for him or her. Keep the house clean.
  • Bring the dog to your house. - Finally, let us congratulate you on your first official step on getting a dog. Bring them to your house. Celebrate the welcoming ceremony with friends and their dogs, decorate the house nicely and get a good meal for your dog.

  • Well, are you confused about what to get for the dog? Follow!

    First-time dogs owners kit 

    One of the most essential things for a new dog owner is knowing what the dog needs. We have created a list of items that are necessary for your dog. You can find collars, toys, and clothes on our website here.

  • Dog bed and blanket
  • Toys for dogs
  • Dog collar
  • Dog bowls for meal and water
  • Dog food.
  • Dog grooming
  • Dog clothes

  • What’s next?

  • Settle your dog. - Your next step should be settling your dog in your house. For that, you need to create a specific space for the dog. Space is supposed to serve as a territory for the dog to sleep, eat, and feel comfortable. Make sure to put on the beddings and other essential supplies in the right place.
  • Start obedience training. - Next up, you may start the obedience training with your dog from Day 1. Teach them the commands of sit, stand up, run, stop, come and go. The quicker you train the dog, the better it gets for you, and the easier it becomes to have them in the house.
  • Establish a dog routine. - Write down a routine you will follow to take care of the dog. The morning routine of feeding, talking them into a street walk, afternoon and evening routines of showering them and cleaning their body parts, etc. Check our Tips for Responsible Dog Ownership and start practicing them.

  • If you are a first-time dog owner, you can check our blog post on 10 Tips For First-Time Dog Owners. As we see, you are now familiar and comfortable with your dog. We are sure that you guys are having so much fun and everything seems perfect. But...there are diseases you may need to be aware of when having a dog in your house. Let’s get some insights together.

    Common dog diseases

    To make sure that you are well aware of the potential diseases and viruses your dog may catch, please, familiarize yourself with the names and causes!

    • Lyme Disease – Caused By Ticks
    • Rabies – Caused By A Bite From Rabid Animals
    • Giardia – Caused By Water-Borne Parasites


    It is your responsibility as a dog owner to be able to get vaccines for your dogs. Your dog may not have that level of immunity or strength in its body to fight against disease, that is why we would like to suggest that you have them receive some of the most essential vaccinations.

    There are many vaccines and types of vaccinations available for dogs. It is better to do research and homework on which vaccinations to get for which age range. Then, get your dog registered for the vaccination.

    Apart from diseases and other important issues, there are some things that you may want to pay attention to if you own a dog. Socializations are important and crucial, so let’s take a look at some factors.


    Make sure that dogs are socializing with the world. What to consider, though?

  • Sounds - Too high volumes and other unexpected sounds may be disturbing for the dogs. Check and make sure that the dog isn’t scared and triggered.
  • Sights - Take your dogs to beautiful places and let them explore new sights. They are new to the world. Let them discover parks and other amazing wonders around.
  • People - Dogs are very selective when it comes to people. If you have friends or people over, make sure to provide a safe space for both your dog and the people.
  • Other dogs - If by any chance your dog meets another dog, make sure that there is no fight and both dogs are safe.
  • Walking them outside - Taking them into a morning or evening walk is very pleasant for dogs. They enjoy being outside, playing with grass, people, and it is much more pleasant for you as well. Make sure to include this in your routine.
  • Visit people. - When you visit people, take your dog with you. They will surely enjoy new people, new companies and new places. 

  • Sure, but lastly, what type of food and dieting works for dogs. Let’s cover that, too.

    Food and Diet

    In order to keep your dog healthy, you need to feed him or her properly. The feeding routine should be standard and not constantly changing. What to feed them? Search up to find what exactly a dog’s eating routine looks like. If your dog is very young, he or she usually has a different routine from mature or older dogs. There are various informational sites that provide a list of supplies to feed your dog with. Your vet could help with this too. Here are a few we are aware of:

    • Cooked chicken
    • Veggies
    • Chocolate
    • Avocado
    • Yogurt
    • Grapes
    • The list goes on and on forever…

    Well, we are now aware of how to take care of the dog we own. We hope to become a good guide for you to make sure that you are not missing any point in your owner’s routine. Lastly, we are happy to help you to find a good match of clothes, toys, collars, and other essential materials that you can find on our website and place an order for. Check us here and buy your dog’s clothes from a good, reliable brand. Until then, ciao!

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