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How to Choose the Right Clothes for Your Dog?

It is always very exciting to have a dog in the house until you realize that you don’t know how to take care of a few things regarding his/her clothes. Maybe you are a new dog owner or maybe you are just not aware of how to choose clothes for your puppy. Well, we have come to help you reduce your confusion around this issue. Let’s go through a few things that matter the most when you get to buy clothes for your pooch.

Types of clothes and their utility 

First and foremost, it is crucial to know what type of clothes you are going to buy and for what purposes. If you wish to keep your dog warm and cozy, dog coats and dog hoodies can help you out in that. Shirts and dresses can be worn on light days when the temperature is high. In conclusion, try to analyze the reason behind buying a specific type of clothes by taking weather and other factors into consideration. If you wish to look through some options for good and vibrant clothes for dogs, you can check Ollypet’s available products. 

Sizes and quality

Dog clothes come in a variety of sizes and quality. It is very important to choose the right size for the clothes you buy for your dog, otherwise, they may cause discomfort and other issues. Clothes should never be too tight or too loose, they need to be in maximum balance and fit that matches your dog’s comfort. Normally, you will be able to choose a specific size before you purchase the clothes. Ollypet’s collections for dog clothes are both high-quality and flexible in size. 

Design and fabrics

It is so important to pay attention to the fabrics or the materials of the clothes when you buy them. Apart from covering the body of your dog, clothes still need to allow your dog to move freely. That’s why stretchy materials can be the go-to for you. Cotton and spandex are the two fabrics that allow the clothes to stretch easily. Other types of material may cause itchiness or even overheat your puppy’s body. Just choose the best that fits the comfort standards of your dog. The design may not be the top priority for you, however, it is also recommended to pay attention to the style of the clothes you will buy for your dog. But clothes and apparel that match your style and taste while considering the comfort and other aspects related to the clothes.

Urination issues

Dog clothes should never hinder your dog from urinating easily. The clothes need to be created in a way that the puppy never defecates on them. Not only does it cause discomfort, but it also becomes smelly and gets added up on the laundry pile. Always look for clothes with a higher cutout around the belly area. This type of clothes will never cause any issues with urination.

Finally, it is always recommended to buy functional and comfortable clothes with a good style and look. Don’t stress too much and experiment with different styles to find out your best match. 

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