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How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog

Dogs are fond of toys and games. They feel contented when they receive a new toy gift from their owners. However, it is very hard to decide what kind of toys are the right fit for your dog and your preference, especially if you are new to dog ownership. There are hundreds of types of toys available for puppies in the market. You can make a very wise shopping decision if you consider a few factors that play vital and crucial roles when buying a pet toy. Keep reading and find out how to buy the right dog toy.


Types of toys and what dogs like

Dog toys are different in types according to their usage. Some are created to satisfy the dog’s natural instincts of biting and chewing, while some are used for games and fun activities through interactions. Here are the most common types that are available in the market.

  • Chew toys
  • The best chew toys come with versatility and long durability. Although it is still hard to pick up one from a variety of toys available in the market, you need to check if your pooch is an aggressive chewer or not. Other than that, chew toys are very common and easy to buy.

  • Tug toys
  • One of the nicest games you should try out with your dog is ‘Tag-of-war’. It is a greater mental and physical stimulator and helps build strong bonds between the pet owner and the pet. Rope toys can be used for this game and are also very versatile. Choose the rope toy that is perfect in size and you are able to comfortably hold them in your hands or pull them as well as are easy for your dog to pull and chew.

  • Treat toys
  • When your dog is bored, treat toys that come to help you out. Treat toys are full of surprise and fun for dogs. They also give a sense of love and accomplishment and boost mood and attitude. They come in form of puzzles, mazes, etc. There are also multipurpose ones that can be used in different activities and games to overcome boredom. 

  • Fetch toys
  • The game of fetch never gets old, even if there are millions of new fun activities nowadays. Fetch toys boost energy and are a perfect fit for the ones who need constant exercise and movements.

  • Interactive toys
  • Interactive toys include food dispensing and other sorts of toys that mentally stimulate your dog. They engage your dog to develop his or her behavior and attitude as well as performance. Those can be puzzles, game toys that you can play with together, etc. 

  • Plush toys
  • Many dogs like plush toys and some ever carry them around everywhere. It is extremely pleasant for dogs when the toys are stuffed inside and are full of squeakers. This type of toy serves as victims for dogs because they try to kill them and still carry them around. It is recommended to not buy plush toys for over-aggressive dogs because they will not last for a long time and will get chewed quickly, but puppies and peaceful dogs will definitely enjoy plush toys.


    How to choose the right toy?

    Apart from the type of dog toy, you will be choosing amongst the aforementioned sorts, there are other factors that you need to pay attention to. Age, size, and safety measures are the greatest factors that influence the decision you will make eventually. 

  • Age
  • Age matters when it comes to dog toys. The age of your dog tells how much they like chewing, what level of energy they have, what needs and preferences they hold. If your dog is quite old, he or she will probably need a more versatile, durable toy to chew easily, while small puppies like stuffed and cute toys.

  • Size
  • While your small puppy won’t enjoy a big toy, your large dog will easily swallow small toys. Remember to choose the right size of toy that suits your dog the best. 

  • Safety
  • Safety is a very important measure when it comes to choosing the right toy. It is important that the toy is non-toxic and won’t hurt your dog. Therefore when choosing a dog toy, imagine the level of safety it will possess and how appropriate it will be.


    Finally, getting a cute toy for your dog is a very exciting process and you will definitely enjoy it. Do it wisely and everything will seem and, in fact, be perfect for your cute little pooch. Check Ollypet’s vibrant, beautiful and high-quality dog toy products here

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