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20 Must-Have Products for New Dog Owners

We are sure that you are excited and thrilled at the moment because your pet has finally arrived home. But some chances are that your excitement is accompanied by stress and fear because you aren’t prepared enough. We are here to help you figure out what to buy for your dog when he or she is welcomed for the first time. Make a list of the products we will talk about here and go, start shopping!

Dog Beds

Make sure to get a comfortable bed for your dog. You can add up a fluffy blanket to make them feel warm and extra special.

Dog Collars

The most essential thing to get for a dog is a collar. It is important to shop for the right size of collar for your dog. Ollypet will give you a variety of options of sizes, colors, and materials of the collar.

Dog bowls

Dog bowls are mandatory items you will need to purchase. They are used for feeding the dog or they can even serve as water bowls. Get a few for the first months and then find the best quality ones for your dog.

Water bottle for dogs

There are certain water bottles that are specifically used for dogs. After doing your research, you will find the bottles essential for hot days, when your dog is very thirsty and needs to stay hydrated. 

Leashes for daily walks

If you consider taking your dog outdoors for a walk, you will need to get leashes. Ollypet offers various leashes of different sizes and colors. You can check them here.

First-aid kit for dogs

Your dog may catch infections and viruses and for that reason, it is a good practice to know what essentials you need in a first-aid kit for dogs. Keep them with you every time you are with your dog.

A guide for training your dog

There are many guides available to provide good training for dog owners. Get a guide for yourself to become more educated on how to take care of your dog.

Dog brush

Dog brushes will save your life after finding your dog rolling on the carpet or the floor and collecting the dust. Moreover, brushing your dog is a very crucial part of keeping your dog clean.

Dog Microchips

Microchips are essential to identify your dog when he or she is lost. The chips are scanned by a vet or a shelter usually.

Nail clipper for dogs

Your dog’s nails will probably get longer and it will make them uncomfortable. Get a nail clipper to fix that problem.

Dog Shampoo

After playing with the dirt, your dog will need to get cleaned. That’s when you will need a shampoo and conditioner to shower your dog and clean the dust from their skin.

Box of treats for dogs

Your dog needs to feel special, so there is a box of treats ready to make it happen. Remember to treat your dogs with cute stuff sometimes.

Food for Dogs

There is no need to question how important it is to get food for your dog. Go to the store and get a few things that you find appropriate after your research. 

Poop bags

Poop bags are a necessity if you don’t have a yard. Get a pack of bags to be used for a few months according to your calculations based on the experience with your dog.

Rubber toy balls

Toys are essential items when it comes to keeping your dog busy and entertained. If you are looking for good toys, you may find some amazing options on our website, which your dog will truly love.

Dog Clothes

Your dog will feel very special if you buy a few clothes for him or her. Dog dresses, shirts or raincoats will make them look fashionable. You can find good quality clothes from Ollypet by checking our available collections here. But be careful as you might get a cuteness overdose. 

Food mat for dogs

It is a good idea to get a food mat for your dog so that the house is clean. Invest in getting one, put your dog’s meals on it, and let him/her get trained on eating the food on the mat only.

Airtight storage container for food

It is very important that the storage you will keep your dog’s food in is airtight, because otherwise bugs and other insects may get into it. Consider getting a good quality container so that you don’t face these issues.

A crate for naptime

Crates are suggested by trainers and experienced old owners. They allow you to close off the space of the dog so that your dog doesn’t destroy anything around. Consider getting one, if it is important for you to keep the space around safe enough but don’t forget they also need some freedom.

A gate to block off access to some spaces

If it is important for you to keep your dog out of the kitchen or some specific places at home, gates will become good friends of yours. They will make sure that the dog doesn’t access the spaces you don’t prefer him or her to.

Now that you know what to get for your dog, we hope that you are more than prepared to become a good dog owner. Good luck and see you on the BARK side!

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