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Questions To Ask Before Buying a New Dog Toy

Dog toys are essential parts of regular fun activities your dog usually participates in. Pet toys allow you to keep your dog entertained and busy, while you can complete your work and take care of the household. Is your dog in need of a toy? Are you wondering how to choose the right toys for him or her? We are here to provide you the most basic and important questions you need to ask yourself before placing your order or purchase for that little cute and soft toy.

  • What’s the durability of the toy and how strong is my dog?

  • How strong is your dog? Usually, dogs like playing rough with everything. In order to save money, make sure that the toys you are buying are not hard to break, otherwise, you will end up buying new ones and replacing them every week. For example, soft toys are suitable for puppies, while big dogs will easily swallow and destroy them in a day. Generally, check the materials the toys are made of and the strengths your dog has before purchasing them. You want to buy the ones that are hard to break!

  • What texture does the toy have?

  • The texture of the toy matters very much when it comes to increasing motivation and boosting excitement. There are many types of textures available such as real fu, sheepskin, or rabbit fur. Pick the one you think will make your dog excited and engaged. 

  • What material is the toy made of?

    Before buying the toy, check the materials it is made of. The reason why it is important to consider the materials is that some toys have chemicals and other toxic ingredients that can be very dangerous for your dog. It is suggested to buy a good-quality, chemical-free product so that even if your dog accidentally swallows it, it doesn’t cause much danger itself. Ollypet offers a variety of trusted and amazing toys that your dog will surely love. You can check the available items here.

  • Who regulates the toy’s safety?

  • It may be surprising, but no one regulates the safety of the toys available online and in other types of stores. The Consumer Product Safety Commission passes the buck and the rest of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the buyer. The problem of toys related to safety is concerned with the chemicals that some products are made of. If your dog swallows or chokes the toy, it may cause some allergic and digestive reactions and diseases. You need to be extra-attentive and responsible for your dog’s well-being, therefore, make sure to buy high-quality products of the right size.

  • What size is right for my dog?

  • Many of the toys that you will find online or in the stores have sizes written on them so that you can choose the right toy for your dog. Why is it necessary to check the size of your dog and then adjust it to the size of the toy? Well, because if you get a very small toy for your big dog, they may be able to easily swallow the toy and have digestive issues. To prevent yourself from facing these issues, pay attention to the size written on the toy before taking a step to purchase it or place an order.

  • What does my dog enjoy?

  • Even though you are the buyer of the toy, you still need to consider the preferences your dog has regarding toys. Some dogs die for food, and for foodie ones, it is good to buy toys that are in the shape of food. There are dogs that enjoy tennis balls, therefore, it is more effective and preferable to buy such types of toys for them. Examine what your dog shows interest in and accordingly buy a toy that will satisfy your dog’s needs. Being a good dog owner means knowing your dog is like knowing yourself.

    Final Words

    As a dog owner, you should be very detail-oriented, when it comes to shopping for pet supplies and clothes. Choose the right size, quality and keep the safety measure in mind. In order to buy toys from a trusted brand, check out Ollypet’s available collections and items here

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