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The Pros and Cons of Dressing Up Your Dog

According to research carried out recently, 80% of dog owners love dressing up their dogs. The reasons for dressing up vary from one dog owner to another. But importantly, dressing up a puppy comes with different advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed in this article. Depending on the situation, health conditions, and preferences, you may get your dog dressed up very often or never even buy a single shirt for them. Let’s find out why.


  • Staying warm during cold weather

  • During winter, lots of dog owners prefer buying warm jackets or coats for their puppies. Jackets and other types of covering coats allow your dog to keep themselves warm and safe under cold temperatures and be protective of potential health issues. However, you need to consider breed, age, and size when it comes to buying warm clothes for your pooch. Moreover, you should stay away from using accessories with clothes or jackets, because they can cause discomfort and can also damage your dog’s skin. Overall, if you care about the weather and it concerns you, you should definitely buy one jacket for rainy and snowy days as you go out with your dog to take a walk and have fun.

  • Keeping up with fashion

  • Another valid reason why dog owners usually get their dogs dressed up is that they simply look stylish and fashionable in cute clothes. Most of the fashion companies have specialized in producing pet clothes other than their main production lines. This means that dog dresses and clothes have become very common and famous these days and if you care about fashion and what your dog should look like, getting comfortable clothes for him is a very vital step.

  • Staying clean

  • It is very obvious that clothes can serve as the first line of coverage for dogs’ skin. When the dog is dressed up, the dirt and the moisture stick to the clothes, not his or her skin directly. This can save you from having to groom your puppy, and you can just wash the clothes, then use them again. 

  • Health benefits

  • If your dog experiences stress and anxiety, introducing a new costume to them can be exciting, soothing and can even build confidence. Generally, costumes give serious looks to the dogs, and thus, they can subliminally reduce confusion, lack of confidence, and other mental issues that your dog may be experiencing. 

  • Protection

  • Dog clothes are a great way to protect your puppy from health issues, unexpected skin cuts or damages, and cold body temperatures. If your dog doesn’t have much hair, it is highly recommended that they get covered with a jacket before they go outside. Why so? Less hair means less layer of protection on the skin, which consequently means more health issues. It is also important that the dog has booties or some type of shoes so that their feet are also protected enough. Overall, pet clothes are essentially protective if they don’t cause any discomfort for your dog.

  • Excitement and bonding

  • Finally, who doesn’t like getting dressed up by their owners? Dog enjoys spending time with their owners, looking stylish, adorable, and cute in nice clothes, and feeling so confident outside among other dogs. Make sure to often provide this excitement for your dog so that their lives are also interesting, full of fun, and satisfaction.


  • Anxiety

  • Dogs have different personalities. Some like being themselves, free in their movements. Some like fun and extra activities. In general, you need to observe your dog’s reactions and behaviors to understand whether the clothes you dress him up with cause anxiety and stress or not. It is highly suggested to never force your dog to wear a dress or shirt they feel uncomfortable in, so pay close attention to how they react!

  • Health issues

  • Some clothes and jackets may look so adorable on your dogs, but may also cause health issues such as allergies. Clothes can be made of chemicals and other non-friendly products that can eventually harm your dog’s skin and cause irritations. If you want to buy dog clothes from a safe and trusted brand, you should definitely check out Ollypet’s available items and place your order according to your preferred size.

  • Restricted movements

  • Some clothes and dresses can cause discomfort and restrictions in movements for dogs. Clothes may cover their legs, arms, head, and other parts of their bodies that may want to move freely. If you see that your dog feels anxious and doesn’t want the clothes on, take them out and don’t force anything. Your dog needs to breathe and move easily, while clothes can definitely disrupt that.

  • Hyperthermia

  • You may already know that your dog has naturally thick fur and hair that protect his skin and body under cold temperatures. If you are about to add an extra layer of heat to his body, he may experience hyperthermia, when his body is overheated. Check the weather, observe your dog’s behavior and you will eventually understand if the clothes are needed and suitable for the situation.

    Final Word

    Now that you know what the pros and cons of getting your dog dressed up are, it is entirely up to you to either choose to buy clothes for your pooch or never try them out. We suggest you analyze your dog and his health conditions as well as interests, then adjust your budget to new necessary or preferred purchases.

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