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Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership

If you own a dog or you know someone who has a puppy in their house, you are likely to be aware of how much love and care dogs require from their owners. Some of us think that dogs are accessories and we can play with them or have fun whenever we want to. However, the moment you have a dog in your house, you will understand how much dedication and attention pets ask for. It is highly recommended to make sure that you can be a good dog owner, before even getting one for yourself. Dog ownership is nice and rewarding, but as for any other humans who belong to your home and shelter, you are responsible for your dogs, too. Fun fact - February is considered to be ‘Responsible Pet Owners’ Month. See, there is even a month dedicated to celebrating your conscientious, caring, and attentive ownership of your pet. What else do you need?

But how exactly can you make sure to be responsible? What steps to take to keep yourself in a very attentive position so that you never forget what’s important in your role? We have got some tips for you that you can follow in your pet ownership journey. Make sure to tick them every day you go to sleep.


Keep your dog healthy

In order to practice responsible behavior towards your dog, you need to keep him or her healthy. Always provide them access to fresh drinking water, because that way you let them keep themselves hydrated. Make sure to provide a healthy diet as well. Nutritious supplies and food, in general, will keep your dog healthy and more energetic. Always brush their teeth and remember to take them to dental and other medical checkups. Vaccinations are another important aspect of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for your dog. Overall, do as much as possible to keep your dog in a healthy condition, because their survival instincts could hinder them from expressing pain or suffering. 

Make your dog a family member 

Dogs love attention and care from their owners as well as the family they belong to. Remember to provide that love towards them by making them feel a sense of belonging wherever they stay. If your family is big, make sure to gradually introduce the dog to all the members so that he or she can feel assured to be around them. If you have a small family, there comes your chance to make every family gathering special by bringing your pet to the stage.

Provide obedience training to your pet

From Day 1 of welcoming your dog to the house, you should start training them for future obedience. Bringing up your dog as a loyal pet who listens to you and helps will benefit you a lot. Start using keywords such as sit, stand up, lay down, run, stop, etc. Gradually train them to listen to the commands to keep them safe outdoors and in general. 

Keep your dog clean

Dogs get dirty very easily because they don’t have their own clean thinking. It is your responsibility to wash and clean them regularly. Wash their teeth apart from showering them. Spay and neuter your dogs regularly to make sure they are not in need and they are also healthy. Establish a routine that you follow to keep your dog clean, safe, and sound from diseases and other types of risks which you can find on our Dog Owners Guide.

Provide proper identification for your dog

As a dog owner, you are responsible for microchipping your dog. Microchipping is the act of adding a tag on your dog that contains a unique code, owner’s address, name, phone number, and other contact information. The tag can be easily scanned by a vet and your dog can be found at any time if lost. Just like the passports that provide identification of us, the tag can help you identify your dogs out of millions of dogs in the world. You may also want to make sure that your dog always wears a collar. You can find good quality collars and ties on our website

Spare some time for your dog

Just as a parent or a sibling in your family, who provides time to socialize with her or his family members, you are equally responsible for being there for your dog. Whether you are very busy and packed with various responsibilities, as a pet owner, you have to be able to talk and interact with your dog. They have emotions, they love to play and have fun, they miss and love their owners, therefore remember to include your dog in your daily routine. Celebrate their birthday, take them outside, just simply play, hug, cuddle and dance with them in the house.

We are sure that these tips helped you become more conscious about how you interact with your dog and what was missing on the way to become a good and responsible pet owner. More tips can be found on our Dog Owners Guide.

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