Review of Ollypet Mickey Mouse Dog Toy

Okey, lets get it started. 

First post i am going to start with a first toy that i bought for my golden retriever puppy Richie. 

I love this toy so he does.

Mickey Mouse Dog Toy

Well, he did when he was small, because now he turned into heavy chewer with a big teeth.

To tell the truth, this toy is really strong and well made. It was a favorite toy of my puppy for like few month ( If you have golden retriever puppy, you know that its a very very long time to play with a toy). But still, it cannot stay too long with grown up Richie. Maximum 2 weeks.

For conclusion, this toy is perfect for small and medium breeds. Or even for large breeds, that are not into tearing everything apart:-) 

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Mickey Mouse Dog Toy Amazon

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