Christmas Dog Snowman Pattern Sweater Knitted

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Very comfortable, warm and stylish sweater for dressing your dog on Christmas. Many sizes for all breeds. Good for chihuahua, Boston terrier, french bulldog, and others. Also available for large breeds as golden retriever, labrador

Please, refer carefully to size chart.

It should fit not to tight, should allow space for two fingers in neck area.

Style: Snowman Xmas Holiday Sweater

Gender: Female/ Male

Color: Striped Red/White

Material: knit blend

Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle in cold water.

Available Sizes:

  • XXS: Neck: 7.8 inch Body: 7.8 inch Chest: 10.2 inch
  • XS: Neck: 9 inch Body: 9 inch Chest: 11.4 inch
  • S: Neck: 10.2 inch Body: 10.6 inch Chest: 12.2 inch
  • M: Neck: 12.2 inch Body: 12.5 inch Chest: 14.9 inch
  • L: Neck: 16.1 inch Body: 14.9 inch Chest: 19.2 inch
  • XL: Neck: 17.3 inch Body: 17.3 inch Chest: 20 inch
  • XXL: Neck: 22.8 inch Body: 21.6 inch Chest: 27.1 inch